A Bet – Me vs A Friend

  • 15th July 2016
  • SEO
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At the beginning of June I was looking at launching a new website. The theory was something that I’d had practice in before, It was using social media to drive traffic to an affiliate site linking to cars. It’s me and a friend share.

So, as I talk to Chedders frequently, we made a fun bet, we had one month to see who could earn the most with adsense, no other earnings methods were included.

My plan/website:

So, as some of you may know, I collect a lot of domains. I had decided to put this on the domain: uk-deals.co.uk, I had setup the site on a theme that supported adsense and went to work. This is my first major project using WordPress, so I was learning a lot at the same time.

We shared a couple of posts (unfortunately I don’t have analytics) but the clickthrough rate was nothing special at all. So I did more tweaking, I looked into adding yoast and making the posts more click friendly. Then one day (I believe the 6th) http://carsandmotorbikes.co.uk became available. This was the perfect domain so I learned how to migrate wordpress sites and relaunched with this. To my surprise, it actually had decent amounts of traffic!

Here was my traffic over the month:

Here is my adsense:

I’ll do a bit of a tweak soon, and show more images, but in the early days I had a lot of difficulty with mobile traffic and earning from them. I didn’t have responsive ad units, I finally got a reply from a friendly developer who resolved all my issues.

Now, as you can see from above, adsense really was not my strong point at all, so I did lose the bet with Chris. However, as I said above, this was a test for my affiliate earnings, so here’s the earnings from the site on eBay:

So, will I be carrying on with this site? Yeah I will, as you can see, four days really contributed to these earnings, so if I find the time to do this then I can hopefully grow the site much more.

I'm a digital marketing consultant based near Peterborough, England. I'm active on the SEO Chat forums and Moz. I'm always on the look out for things to test and to learn that little bit more.

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