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  • 21st July 2017
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Recently picked up a new client, a great guy by the name of Jason Hubble. He runs a company that does lie detector tests.

I had a look around his site and noticed a few things that needed tweaking, and then ran it through GTMetrix, I saw that considering how all of the CSS/Javascript/Images were well optimised, the page generation time was still quite slow. What was even stranger that W3 Total Cache was running. So, I did a bit of digging and found this:

As you can see, the option to cache ssl was unticked.

So I thought I would use this opportunity to run a test and see what impact ticking had. I ran the site through gtmetrix on two different pages, the homepage ( and the services page ( here’s the before details for both.

Homepage Overview Before:

Homepage Overview After:

Homepage Timings Before:

Homepage Timings After:

Notice the difference? You can see that the time to TTFB has shortened dramatically, as well as First Paint/DOM int becoming a quicker as well as the time between DOM int and DOM loaded and finally the Onload. Completing the Onload 1.2s quicker.


Services overview before:

Services Timings Before:

Service Overview After:

Service Timings After:

As you can see again, a massive speed difference for both the homepage and the services tab. So the moral of this story, make sure you check every option! For help with online gaming check out ibebet winnersgoldenbet com

I'm a digital marketing consultant based near Peterborough, England. I'm active on the SEO Chat forums and Moz. I'm always on the look out for things to test and to learn that little bit more.

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