Learning Digital Marketing With Affiliate Sites

  • 23rd August 2016
  • SEO
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affiliateWhen starting a new skill it can always be daunting. You’ve read so much and you don’t know what works, what doesn’t, how you’re going to be able to adapt and improve your skills. A lot of people say “build your own site” but that doesn’t really narrow down anything. So one of the biggest bits of advice I give people is become an affiliate.
What is an affiliate program?
Essentially, you are being rewarded for sending traffic that purchases products from a website. You normally only get rewarded when you send converting traffic, however there are some that provide bonuses.
Why should I use an affiliate program over my own ecommerce store?
You have no major investments in stock, you also have the ability to be flexible with your niche. It is also much quicker to setup an ecommerce site. You don’t have to research products or be competitive on price.
What are the best affiliate programs to use?

It all depends on what type of marketing you’re trying to learn. If for example you’re wanting to learn social media, I wouldn’t choose industrial tools (I know it could still work, but you’d be better off choosing a hobby such as fishing).

The most common affiliate programs people use are:

eBay Partner Network

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Window

What are the down sides of affiliate marketing? 

You could build a niche site up, start driving traffic and they shut down their niche.

They change their commission structure so that earnings are limited.

If you spot an area where there’s a weakness in the market but you don’t have the range to target it.

No control on how competitive they are in the market place

Issues can be had with the affiliate program


Overall, affiliate sites are one of the best ways to learn digital marketing, they’ve got the right mix of real life and practice. You don’t have anybody screaming at you for deadlines and most importantly, if you get it working then you’re earning some money!


Best of luck

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