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I was recently approached by the guys at ToughCoatings to do some work on their website. I initially wanted to tackle their page load time and page size. Here’s a summary and some progress screenshots of what I did to achieve some of these results.


Website Statistics - Before

Whilst this may look like a good load time for a page of this size, in reality it was actually taking 15+ seconds to load the whole website. The 2.2s was for the preload that had been installed. So the “Page Load Time” isn’t a reliable way of seeing how fast the page actually took to load.

During Part 1:

Website Statistics - Part 1

So to reduce the page size by 1.4mb i did the following:

  • Removed a couple of unneeded files being loaded (template)
  • Optimised the images (losslessly so no loss in quality)
  • Enabled gzip

During Part 2:

Now as you can see, a massive reduction in page size and also a massive jump in PageSpeed Score. So again a couple of relatively simple steps were taken:

  • Changed the file types, there were some PNG files that should’ve been JPG files. JPG files also compress a lot nicer meaning a really big reduction in file size.
  • Scaled the images – This is where the largest saving was, there were a lot of images that were being scaled from 1000×1000 (rough dimensions just as an idea) down to 200×200.


Website Statistics - After

So as you can see, the PageSpeed score has actually gone down, however this is due to the site still being worked on so there’s a few files that are larger than required, so overall the pagesize once site is completed will be ~5mb. We’ve activated cloudflare and done a few more reductions in files being loaded. We still have a few more things to go but a true 1.0s load time (from a server with an unlimited connection, so realistic load time is probably about 1.5-2 seconds).

I'm a digital marketing consultant based near Peterborough, England. I'm active on the SEO Chat forums and Moz. I'm always on the look out for things to test and to learn that little bit more.

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